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Not-for-profit organisations

How can Kirk Hills help a non-profit organisation?

Not-for-profit organizations are required to adhere to strict guidelines and regulations, so it’s essential to have an accountant on board who has sufficient knowledge and experience of what is required. Whilst we will help a not-for-profit business in many of the same ways we would help other businesses, such as managing their accounts and preparing reports to help with important decision making, we will also need to oversee some added extras that will require our specialist know-how.

As well as being able to tailor our expertise to the needs of the organisation, we will also be able to:

  • Carry out audits to ensure that the strict regulations, such as SORP and Companies Act, are being met by the organisation
  • Prepare and present data and accounts in a way that complies with the regulators’ stringent requirements
  • Carry out risk assessments to identify and manage risk, and work to minimise those found
  • Advise on tax issues, such as gift aid, employee tax and VAT
  • Keep detailed and accurate accounts of donations, expenses and other incoming funds
  • Help to create business plans for fundraisers and for other ways to raise finance
  • Ensure stakeholders such as funders, trustees and beneficiaries are able to understand the organisation’s financial information and reports
  • Offer specialist advice to help with decision making and the future of the organisation

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Coronavirus/COVID-19 Update

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We have activated our plan for our team to work remotely as much as possible. The office is still open and there will always be someone on reception in normal working hours but for obvious reasons, the telephone and email are the best way to contact us as we follow the UK Government guidance to reduce contact.

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