Improving Your Payroll Processes

December 16, 2019

Every business owner can appreciate the importance of smooth payroll systems from the employee’s perspective, but mastering this part of accountancy and cash flow management can have a telling impact on the company too.

Improving your payroll processes can aid time efficiency, financial management, staff morale, and productivity. With the right strategy in place, enhancing your payroll management is as easy as ABC.


When looking to adopt smoother payroll operations, you’ll ultimately seek a solution that’s accurate and fast. Automated software can complete the processes far smoother, but only if you select the right software. Exeter accountants can support you with the implementation of the right software, which should focus on;

Meeting all legal requirements, which should extend to tax help. A UK-based package is always preferred as this is the best way to stay ahead of any changes, which could be even more important than ever during uncertain political times.

Speed of processes. Saving a few pounds per year is a little counterproductive if the weekly/fortnightly/monthly payroll processes take an hour longer. Valuing your time and avoiding unnecessary distractions is vital.

Time tracking capabilities. The modern workforce has changed, and it’s likely that you’ll have employees working inconsistent shift patterns while you may also have remote workers. Real-time tracking through cloud technologies are crucial.

Integrations. As well as working in the cloud for added security and collaboration, choosing payroll software that can integrate with other key pieces of accounting and business software can take the operations to a whole new level.

Persisting with manual methods, computerised or traditional, will only continue to limit your hopes of mastering payroll.


Handling an increased number of processes will naturally mean that payroll elements take longer. Bunching several processes into one can help streamline the payroll management strategies. In addition to saving time, it can reduce the likelihood of mistakes or inaccuracies.

If you currently pay employees on a weekly basis, switching to bi-weekly or monthly payments could be a great option. Meanwhile, if a group of employees are on the same contracts, you should thin about this fact and how it could potentially speed up the processes.


When restructuring your approach to payroll, the need for consistency cannot be ignored. Aside from the benefits gained by the business, this added efficiency and stability is great news for the staff members. Ensuring that the weekly or monthly admin is completed by the same person is, therefore, one of the most important features of all.

Having a clear figurehead within the business is vital, and will ensure that necessary changes do not go unnoticed or unachieved. Besides, if you don’t have a clear indication of who is accountable for the payroll facilities, you cannot expect employees to know where to turn.

The same payroll operator should work with tax accountants to further support the idea of a smooth operation that extends to all aspects of accountancy and financial management. Our Exeter accountants are always here to help, if you would like more information for how improving your payroll process can help your business, get in touch with our friendly agents today.

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