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The UK tax system is complex and is constantly evolving

Tax & VAT

The UK tax system is complex and is constantly evolving, and it can be something of a challenge for today’s busy business owner to ensure that their venture is operating as tax-efficiently as possible. That is why you need the very best chartered accountants to help you not only understand the tax system, but ensure that you and your business can continue to grow.

At Kirk Hills, we have a proven reputation for working alongside our clients to offer up-to-date, proactive advice on all areas of taxation, including a range of legitimate strategies to help minimize your personal and business tax bill.

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Save on Business Tax

One great way to save on business tax is to start it with others as an Enterprise Investment Scheme company – tax relief on investment and no Capital Gains Tax after three years is an attractive proposition.

Another real case example is where we split a company that had £50 million of assets into four so each sibling had one quarter using a section 110 Scheme of Arrangement. This resulted in no income tax, no capital gains and no corporation tax.

Speak with us today to find out how Kirk Hills can help you save on business tax today.

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Exeter Business Insolvency Support

Our sister firm Kirks Insolvency is a firm of Licensed Insolvency Practitioners specialising in offering rescue and recovery services to businesses in the South West and beyond.

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Reduce Your Tax Bill

We believe that we can help you reduce your tax bill. In fact, we offer to undertake a review of the affairs for each new client and if we can’t, we won’t charge you for that work.

Tax saving is broadly split into the following areas:

  • Reducing taxes on income
  • Reducing or eliminating taxes on business acquisitions or disposals
  • Reducing or eliminating inheritance taxes
  • We have various legal tax saving schemes (that are not registerable as DOTAS schemes*) that all involve planning in advance, not after an event.

If you are interested in finding out how Kirk Hills can help you with all of your Tax & VAT enquiries, then contact us today and we can start getting to work.

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