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Corporate Advice

How can Kirk Hills benefit a large company?

An established company will require an accountant who is able to understand the business’s needs and goals. No company wants to stop growing, no matter how large they are, so they will want an accountant who is able to oversee the larger workload whilst striving to help continue to grow the business. Kirk Hills will also help with:

  • Advice and support – we will provide expert knowledge and experience to ensure the best outcome of important decision making about the business’s future
  • Tax planning – in order to minimize tax liabilities and increase profit
  • Internal audits – to ensure the more complex auditing requirements that larger businesses face are being complied with
  • Financial analysis/interpretation – we will prepare specialist reports using the company’s financial information which will show its past, present and predicted future performance (e.g. stability, profitability, and solvency) to then be used by the top management to make important decisions about the business. This can be anything from whether to make specific purchases or continue with a particular business operation, to decision making about lending, investments, and loans
  • Dealing with third parties – in a larger corporation, Kirk Hills may also act as a third party between the company they work for and clients, vendors and financial institutions. For example, we may negotiate investment opportunities or ensure invoices and statements are settled with clients and merchants
  • Overseeing payroll – we may oversee all aspects of the payroll within a corporation to ensure that employees’ wages, benefits, bonuses, taxes, and commission are paid correctly and on time.

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Coronavirus/COVID-19 Update

We are still here to help you

We have activated our plan for our team to work remotely as much as possible. The office is still open and there will always be someone on reception in normal working hours but for obvious reasons, the telephone and email are the best way to contact us as we follow the UK Government guidance to reduce contact.

If you have any direct questions about your business and the effects of the virus please get in touch with your usual contact or directly to me or